When to move on! When to stop! When to hold on!

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I came across a statement, ” one of the toughest decision you will ever make in life is ‘when to move on and when to hold it hard?’ So, I wanted to quote something relevant to this which will pronounce how I make decision on this. I’m neither an atheist nor a blind believer too. I’m a science student who believes in reasoning. But I feel the vibes which provoke my thoughts and I named those vibes as god. Those vibes which provoke you will help u in deciding whether to move on hold on. I will narrate one such incident where I learned whether to move on or hold on.

Those were the winter days during my final year of bachelors degree in Punjab which is in the northern part of India. University was closed for winter vacation and people left to their homes. But I stayed there in university apartments to attend a special drive. I was so much frustrated with life and was unable to decide which path to take in life. I was sitting alone in my room and thinking.

Nights were so cold and terrible breeze is flowing. I was in my multi-layer winter suit and deeply involved in thinking about my future, leaning in the chair. Suddenly in that dead silence, I have heard cries of a puppy. Even though I had ignored first, later I had to act on that as baby cries had grown. I headed to it and opened my door and found white puppy, shivering in the cool breeze outside.

My heart melted on seeing this puppy and I have gestured by kneeling down and stretching my palm. The puppy ran into my palm and I grabbed it to my chest and took into my room.

As soon as I shouted that statement, that echoed to myself and I realized something that provoked my mind. Relatively speaking, I’m god to that  dog, who have made den and placed milk to drink but that puppy didn’t get it’s God’s plan and continued struggling.

Similarly God might have planned something to me which I’m not figuring out and getting frustrated.

I have made small den with cardboard boxes, whose walls are covered with my old woolen sweaters, so that the den can accommodate puppy from the cold night. Then I had bought some milk and placed it in the den.

Then what puppy had to do was to drink that milk and sleep in that den. But puppy was too little too understand this. It was totally confused and not getting into that den. It was continuously crying and roaming on the floor.

I was so angry and shouted on to that puppy,” you idiot did, why didn’t you just drink and sleep. That was all you need”.

From then I started leaving behind things which are hurting me because they were not meant for me. All you have to do is keep calm and think, then catch what is meant for you.


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