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What’s the difference between the Mind and the Heart?

The mind responds heart reacts. The mind thinks, heart jumps to conclusions. But there’s always more…

The mind, driven by the laws of evolution, seeks perfection in every inch of the person we seek, while the heart loves the person for what they are, with all their imperfections.

The mind is a parent, and the heart is a child. Who’s to scold our parents if they make a mistake? The mind chides the heart for its mistakes and decisions that have gone wrong, doesn’t it?

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They say that the heart is a horse and the mind is its charioteer, reining it in. But I say that the heart is a gazelle, grazing peacefully on the alluring grass of the world’s many pleasures in the dense forest of life, where the lions and tigers of dangers and disappointments lurk at every bend, and the mind is its innate sense of danger and natural instinct, that keen sense of sound and smell, that tells it to be alert and escape to the safe realms of reality and its herd of friends at the slightest sign of trouble.

The mind simply prefers walking through the streets of life, observing every minute detail, taking in the sights and sounds of the daily routine of people, while the adventurous heart flies high above the glorious mountains of euphoria one second and scuba-dives and loses itself in the high-pressure bottom of the deep, dark sea of grief, depression and gloom the next, like a wildly swinging pendulum.

If life is a ship, the heart is its sails but the mind is its anchor. The heart would love to go in any direction that it fancies, but the mind keeps it grounded.

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The mind studies and understands, but the heart imagines and questions. An idle mind is a devil’s workshop, but an idle heart is a creator’s canvas.

The heart is an innocent, youthful and playful child that exults with joy in fun and games, oblivious to the vagaries of this cruel world, brimming with happiness, unbounded energy and enthusiasm, while the mind is a mature, realistic adult, with its face of thoughts wrinkled by years of experience and the colour of its skin of memories darkened by the harsh weather of life’s hurdles.

But can the mind be right all the time? It has instinct and logic, but the heart has a conscience and a “gut feeling”. When the heart knows it is right, it usually is but is mostly wrong when it only just thinks that it is right. Yet, sometimes the heart knows more than the mind and sees more than the eyes, doesn’t it?

The mind is a symphony and the heart is a cacophony, but they’re both the essential fabric of life’s beautiful harmony!

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