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What is wrong with Indian media ?

The mass media which is the fourth estate of democracy whose primary objective is to communicate messages and information to people and who has to function as a check to the government and who has to educate, inform people with values beliefs etc has completely failed and instead it is acting on its own self-interest. Many feel legislative and executive are the most corrupt pillars of democracy but it is judiciary and media which are more corrupt than them and who are running their hidden agenda without noticing by anyone. If someone studies how the ideology of judges impacts their appointments, how ideology playing role in delivering of judgements which are against certain communities and gender you can understand it.

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western media is far better than Indian in manufacturing consent at least it does not go against national interest unlike Indian media.everything that is on prime time debate is because they wanted  it to be , have you ever imagined why only some cases get highlighted and that too with one side of story, why cases on some right-wing  politicians get highlighted while on others did not, post-truth, selective  representation, manipulating facts in each and every case, take Jasleen Kaur case or kathua case they never showed another side of story and the FIR loopholes etc. They make everything political, rape cases too, take two similar incidents they never mention the caste or religion if it does not serve their purpose but try to portray it as caste,  religion, gender issue when it served their purpose when a similar incident happens.

They have the ability to see every incident from caste, gender, religion angle even if the reason is something else but will be silent on real incidents like love jihad, forced conversions, false rape, sexual harassment, domestic violence cases, real discrimination on caste when it does not serve their purpose. If rape is on a Hindu girl by a non-Hindu male they try to bury it. Take Sabarimala issue itself they are never showing the reasons and arguments against entry they are just portraying their opinion on us ,even the prime time debates they bring 3 people who are good with English and well educated to speak what they want and one guy who does not know how to speak at all and who argues emotionally as representative of the people which they are against it by this they are psychologically making audience believe what they want.

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The media ownership is playing a huge role in manufacturing consent. If you see many media houses are getting funded from foreign sources and those foreign sources have an agenda to promote liberalism or capitalism etc. If you see foreign media working in India never leave a chance to degrade India they always show wrong side and individual cases which degrades in India to their citizens. Many want to break the family structure in India which is the driving force for development ,see they show drinking is bad but encourage women who drinks and say it as empowerment, similar with free sex culture , adulterous relationship etc in name of my body my rights, (if we see west civilization facing so many issues especially USA  the number of productive  citizens are decreasing  because of liberalism and no family structure kids are never  completely focusing their energy on development instead they are addicted to different  things, because of  lack of guidance or complete freedom and this causing civilization collapse.)

As the media owners are private corporates their main focus is on making profits, pushing capitalism etc, so they started this sensationalism concept where the story is twisted,manipulated in such a way it becomes spicy take Mumbai attacks, Pathankot attack for their sensationalism they risked national security, Rohtak sisters case or case of fight for seat in train leading to death, they made it as religion issue and added every masala to story, even in Rohtak sisters case they made the boys are perverted without listening to another side . The profit motive of them degrading them like anything if you see Telugu news channels are worst they should stop calling them as news channels and better should register as entertainment channels. they keep on showing sensitive news to  arose viewers instead of building harmony they are destroying, they wanted to make programmes to humiliate certain section of citizens or agitate them, or create animosity between groups or group and individuals, etc all these just for profits, TRP, some locals channels went to extent of blackmailing with sensitive information people.

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The news is exaggerated, untrue information and reporters/writers’ opinions are written, instead of reporting news they judge news( Media trails) I don’t understand they always have editorial columns or opinion programmes to talk about their opinion.

Next is the issue of selling audience to corporates in the name of advertisement, without it they can not survive everyone thinks what is there to lose for you? I give u social media example u can relate it to others, through social media they sell your information and every ad you see and every post you see has a reason they are  not just random, if we see how US election was changed because of social media influence on voters where voters consent was created based on their taste. They make you read catchy posts that change your opinion based on the information they have on you on social media, this can be extended to marketing and how newspapers used to influence vote those days before social media.

Next is the nexus between media, government, corporates, politicians etc. Journalists are given information based on their nexus with these people , see the interviews influential people usually goes with few sections of media, they make sure that the journalists get benefited by information and they achieve progress and also journalists write in a manner that benefits them, even if we see  many cases against influential people are not covered at all, even they try to create a certain incident and divert the issue example recent Kerala nun rape case with  me too diversion. Even the government awards to journalists are always rigged. Just like shown in the house of cards, even if someone tries to be honest and goes against the system he will in no time has a place in journalism or he will be haunted with cases in some cases rewarded with death. That is why you can see why some journalists defame India or create a positive opinion on some issues because it rewards them.

They also try to create a common enemy which everyone fears like terrorism and keeps on playing it so so that people won’t dissent or gets feared of it and believe it is right not to dissent because of it, for example left media try to create right-wing terrorism which there is  no evidence for existence and try to manipulate people to stop it we have to do all these and keeps on dissenting government whatever they do, unfortunately right wing has presence at root level and at topmost position like government, executive etc but they did not have presence at intellectual base which creates opinion like media ,now they r realizing it and because of right-wing media biased it is further getting worse.

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At least the people realize this or media changes its attitude and becomes better responsible and with a better check on government and with media ethics, I am not saying every one and media is corrupt see the channels like RSTV, LSTV , DD News they are really good and unbiased.

NDTV ,TIMES NOW , Republic,  India Today,  RSTV , Zee News English.

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