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UKG Convocation

Rama’s UKG Convocation

The two words, “UKG” and “CONVOCATION” may seem unrelated, as both are on either side of an individual’s education horizon. The idea of bringing these two together is one of the creative ideas of Sri.Vasu sir, who is known to be innovative school correspondents of his time.

But, once upon a time, this innovation happened to collide with spontaneity. Both serving the same  purpose.

Here it goes, a story of a UKG kid entering first standard.

One monday morning, An usually lethargic Rama(our lead character around whom the incident is woven), woke up early in the morning at 8.00.A.M. Amma alerts about autowala’s arrival, chance that Rama might miss the auto. Rama’s brother is all set and awaiting the school auto, which left Rama perplexed.

So, drama shuru- “ No school I go today”(He just started speaking in english). Pleased by his English, Naana granted his wish. But no one is aware, that there is a storm brewing against vasu sir due to absenteeism of Rama. Because  there was a photo session for all UKG sections. Rama happened to bunk this photo session.

After 2 weeks, one evening, on returning from school, Rama started crying .

“We have to submit our photos with Robes on, to the class teacher. But,  I don’t have one !! “

Left with no option, amma and her cousin(who was there at the moment) rushed to the photo studio, which is handling the convocation photos. Luckily, there’s a posing robe in the studio-  rama could wear it and pose for the photo.

All set. Lights on. Sporty robe. Grin face.

But, wait !

“Where are the boy’s shoes?” asked the photographer. Rama’s mother is taken aback by this unexpected question.

Photographer is strong on the point “ I’m sorry madam, NO PHOTOS WITHOUT SHOES”.

She sent her cousin home and get the shoes. Rama’s dad at home is irritated by this act. He resented, it’s not fair to shuttle between studio and home for mere shoes. Thinking so, he restricted the cousin and did not let him leave to the studio. Unaware of the cousin’s arrest, Amma started panicking as it is getting dark.

Finally, Naana himself went to studio. At the same time, owing to his fate, Vasu sir also arrived at the studio to monitor the activities. Both Naana and Vasu sir became versed with the situation. On this note, Vasu sir out rightly denied the photo without shoes.

Naana politely suggested  covering the boy’s legs with the robe would not affect the idea behind the photograph. Vasu sir couldn’t accept this spontaneous idea, which is overriding his innovation. So he was adamant.

At last, Naana lost his cool and dressed down the Correspondent.

Vasu sir,  realizing his stringent nature, which is an overkill for a simple photo session, withdrew.

Finally, Rama got the photo, the convocation certificate, and was promoted to First standard.


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