Speak Up ! Step Up ! Stand Up ! For Women

No More Violence Against Women !

Murder, rape, emotional & physical abuse, sexual & physical assault, genital mutilation, battering, acid attacks, sexual harassment… Enough is Enough!

Violence against women and girls is not just a personal problem any more it is a social issue.

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Speak Up !

  • When you are with your friends (assuming they are!)  and are not comfortable with their behaviour, just speak up boldly so that they will behave properly or at least stop making you feel uncomfortable.
  • They may not understand that abusing a woman is wrong but give a clear opinion of your disapproval.
  • You may not be the only one feeling uncomfortable with the wicked harassers so, let others know that they are not alone and encourage them to speak up!

Step UP !

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  • Step up and create awareness among the girls and women who are unaware.
  • Raise awareness about “Violence Against Women“ by running campaigns, encouraging all age groups of women to participate in the campaign.
  • Tell your own story if any, or listen to their bitter stories and encourage them to speak up.. Post in social media platforms about women empowering write-ups that influence and change their lives.

Stand Up !

  • Whenever you notice a girl or a woman suffering from domestic violence talk to her and stand by her.
  • Whenever you find someone harassing a woman or a girl focus on what you can do. Solve the issue smartly. Remember to always keep yourself and others safe.
  • Whenever you witness such issues stand close to them so the violent person understands that they are being watched. Ask for help from people near you.

One in every four women suffers from domestic violence. Break the silence by sharing your personal experiences or listen to them and create awareness programs and campaigns to have better lives. There are many things that you can do to control the domestic violence and abuse before it happens.

Hoping a peaceful and pleasant life for every girl and women. Thanks to #MeToo but we need more.

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