What’s Colorful About You?

  • What do you find difficulty in?

    • Managing balance in Work-life.
    • Having too much affection.
    • Keeping the drama around you low
    • bore!
    • Doing it all in an instant
  • You are a person who likes to:

    • Calm down after a hard day of work
    • Share all of your life with your best friends
    • Have deep and significant conversations
    • Try new things
    • Move on to the next adventure
  • What kind of people are your people?

    • Assuring people
    • Attentive people
    • Compassionate people
    • Crazy people
    • Courageous people
  • Your friends would consider you to be?

    • A high-level celebrity.
    • Warm and devoted
    • Affectionate and caring
    • Open-minded and easygoing.
    • Free-spirited and engaging
  • What are you most feeling honoured by?

    • All your fulfilments
    • How you handle others.
    • The personal bonding you’ve formed
    • Keep calm and carry on.
    • All that you’ve tried and learned

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