What Musical Instrument Should You Play?

The Musical instrument an individual plays say a lot about his/her soul either its dynamic, free from worries and many other unique qualities.Guys pick the best option from the quiz and I’ll tell according to your selection what musical instrument you will enjoy playing also a slight insight of your qualities.

  • How do, you feel on stage?

    • Feel natural.
    • Like to show off your skills.
    • Stay very calm & amp; focused.
    • Get lost in the moment.
    • Prefer not to be alone while performing.
  • How would you describe your soul?

    • Calm
    • Energetic
    • Reserved
    • Complicated
    • Giving
  • How do you feel about classical music?

    • You like a particular kind of it.
    • You don’t like it.
    • You like it when it’s dramatic
    • It’s one of many genres you love
    • You love it.
  • Where does your musical talent lie in?

    • Conveying emotion
    • Playing a solo.
    • Leading a group
    • Composing your songs
    • Being a team player.
  • If you were going to sing on stage, what kind of song would you like to sing?

    • POP Music
    • Jazz Music
    • Rock Music
    • Folk Music
    • Classical Music

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