What Kind of Food Are You?

There are way too many cuisines for a single person and, you must try each cuisine for fun. Your preference tells about your nature. Play the quiz and, I will tell you which food resembles your personality.

  • Which dish do you like the most for a snack?

    • kabab
    • Spring rolls
    • Sushi
    • Cheese
    • Garlic bread
    • Fried rice
  • What kind of person are you in your friend’s group?

    • The one who is straight forward
    • The extraordinary one
    • The unreal one
    • The smart one
    • The comforting one
    • The famous one
  • Your idea of a dream house

    • Is a big mansion alongside a beach
    • A stylish house in the rain forest.
    • A little shelter in the city, not a house
    • Is a beautiful old house in the country side
    • The one which you are living.
    • Is a mini-mansion in the suburbs, near everything you need
  • If you threw a party, what kind of music would you play to change the mood?

    • Pop music.
    • Music of latin America.
    • Funny poppy songs.
    • Melody songs.
    • Experimental music.
    • Classical music.
  • Of these, which is your favorite flavor?

    • Apple
    • Grape
    • Cherry
    • Pine apple
    • Strawberry
    • Chocolate

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