Are You Chocolate or Vanilla?

The fight between Chocolate and Vanilla goes way too long in the past but I don’t think we ever had a winner! Do you think anything you eat says something about your personality? Excited to know about your personality by what you eat! Play the below quiz and I’ll let you whether you are a chocolate person/vanilla person.

  • What would you prefer?

    • Hot fudge sundae
    • Chocolate chip cookies
  • You find yourself to be more

    • Gracious
    • Inner-directed
  • Things that attract you are mostly

    • Extravagant
    • Comfortable
  • You tend to be

    • compassionate
    • Restrained
  • When do you feel more active?

    • At night
    • During the day
  • Which type of person are you?

    • Speak’s up
    • Get along
  • Which kind of movie do you prefer to watch?

    • Drama
    • Comedy
  • What kind of person are you?

    • Witty
    • Warm
  • Where do you consider to live?

    • A house in the city
    • A home nearby lake
  • Type of friend’s you have?

    • Fabulous
    • Faithful

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