RIDENGINE (Startup Story 3)

Bunty wished to surprise his girlfriend on her birthday. He planned to take her to this famous resort and spend a couple of days there. Because she loves car rides, he wanted to rent a car.

Bubbly and her friends were planning a long trip before she travels out if the country. They had to rent 3 2-wheelers.

Bunty and Bubbly could not afford to lose time searching for services, reading reviews, haggling prices and confirming availability. RIDENGINE was their life saver.


What is it?

RIDENGINE is a Hyderabad based startup aimed at making the car and bike rental experience better than it ever was. It is India’s first P2P (peer to peer) car and bike rental platform. It has an advantage over niche players in India in that they either are non-P2P or do not offer both cars and bikes for rent.

Everything else

The founders Dinesh Rao, Harish Chandramowli and Narayan Gowraj – 3 Johns Hopkins University graduates – designed and realized RIDENGINE such that while overcoming the challenges (eg: lack of transparency, reliability, fixed rates) of the existing rental market, it offers a friendly medium of communication to the non-tech rental partners with the tech-savvy young population.


“Ridengine is meant for times when you’d normally comb through rental company reviews and Google searches to choose a vehicle and service to rent from. Ridengine curates a list of vehicles within your proximity and price range, ranked by user rating. Therefore, it’s meant for those looking to make better decisions for their rental experience.”

The focus of Ridengine is to provide a free online rental platform and data metrics to the businesses and a hassle-free search service for the customers who can book an order from the comfort of their places. This is simply re-inventing the rental space by providing a solution using technology.

Need a ride?
Stop Searching, Start Riding with RIDENGINE

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