OrderRabbit (Startup Story 1)

OrderRabbit, based out of Chennai, is an online marketplace for all those offline stores that sell groceries, fruits and vegetables, bakery products. They have over 300 merchants linked with their customers across 8 cities.

Here’s their story:


Inspired by Tesco’s Homeplus virtual subway store in South Korea, Krishnan Naranpatty wished to have such a virtual marketplace in the US where he was living then. However, most of the stores in the US had their own e-commerce set up in place. With his idea nagging him, he decided to experiment with it in his native place of Chennai, Tamil Nadu and got the mobile application ready.

But as the mobile phones were not so prevalent among them in 2013, the store-owners hesitated to sign up with him. At this point of time, Krishnan happened to meet Sudarsan Babu, who ran an offline on-demand delivery store in Coimbatore. Together, they started off with a single store in OMR(Old Mahabalipuram Road), Chennai and then expanded to the entire city.

Soon, they were flooded with orders from customers all over Chennai. It took no time for them to realize that they had deviated from their idea – to provide an online platform for merchants and customers bridging the gap between them.

They went back to the drawing the board to revive the original idea. The result was OrderRabbit V3, which as we can see, is a huge success. With the experience they had from running their own store, they knew what merchants want.

While most of the other grocery startups focus on providing quick service to customers, the OrderRabbit team believes in identifying and assisting local businesses/merchants in what they lack and grow together. Their customer-friendly mobile apps enable even a regular mom and pap store to connect with its customers online thus bringing them to one place.

OrderRabbit is a true weightless virtual business model, which would be the future of e-commerce, scaled to and implemented in the context of local stores.


Founders: Krishnan Naranapatty, Sudarsan Babu

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