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Life lessons from wild creatures

All the living creatures in this world are gifted with certain qualities or features that makes them unique and helps them to survive in this world.  The ultimate destination of all living creatures is survival.  Even the wildest of wild creatures have something unique and teach us pretty much to lead to significant life  Let’s have some examples of some wild creatures on our planet and derive a lesson from their lives.

  1. LION

Lions are largest predators of cat family. There are number of facts that leaves us spellbound.

  • Lions do not hunt when they’re not hungry
  • Lions live in prides. A pride consists of male lion, female lion and young children of lion.
  • The larger the pride the more aggressively they hunt.
  • Lions attitude makes them the king of jungles. Basically female lion goes for hunt. Male lion sleeps more. When female lion hunts an animal it bring it up to the male lion. Then the rest will eat
  • When lioness couldn’t hunt an animal, then male lion comes into field. The attitude of lion makes him king of the jungle.
Image Credit: Pinterest

So what should we learn from lions?  The attitude of a lion is silver lining. We must not do things which we do not need. Remember lion only hunts when it’s hungry.  LION keeps up the family. The leadership quality of lion is attention grabbing

2. Cheetah

  • Cheetah runs 60m/h in just 3 seconds ,more than any car created on earth by humans
  • It runs only for few seconds until the brain temperature reaches 105 degrees
  • Cheetah runs till the breakaway point. If it runs more it’ll be dead. It puts her everything to chase the prey
Image Credit: Unsplash

Lesson : Did we ever chase our dreams with slight efforts put for becoming successful and failed?  Remember cheetah runs until the breakaway point. It’ll die if it runs one more meter. So we have to put our everything to achieve something.  We often prepare less for the task and blame others and the system for not achieving. That’s quite a reality

3. Hyenas

  • Hyenas always stay in groups. They will never hunt alone
  • Hyenas often attack single lions when they are in a group
  • Hyenas never allow other hyenas to enter their territory apart from their group. Hyenas are one of the most intelligent wild creatures living in jungle
Image Credit: Animals & Bird

Lesson : We never understand the power of unity. We do not work together. We do not stay together we have problems in being with people. Hyenas are best examples of how does it is to be together.  There’s tremendous power in together at the same time we shall never trust new person entering in our lives.

4.Eagles :

  • Eagles are king of birds. Largest bird predators
  • Eagles even hunt large creatures like monkeys and sheep. Eagles believe in their power
  • Eagles lay eggs and hatch them, feed their babies for months. When they get adult enough to fly, Mother will kick children out from nest to find a partner and hunt independently.
    Image Credit: Random shots

    Lesson : We must all develop attitude of “yes i can do it. I’m more stronger” like eagle.  Eagles teach us that we should never be dependent on others or rely on them.

5: Elephants

  • No doubt elephants are the largest animals in jungle.
  • Elephants are basically happy animals. They’re playful, they celebrate together. They love their fellow mates a lot
  • Elephants listen to their masters who feed them and they will never disobey their commands.
  • Elephants are one of the smartest creatures in the planet. Their memory power is so powerful that it can remember the way of some couples of miles
  • When an fellow elephant dies they grieves and pay respects to their fellow mate.
Image Credit: Unsplash

Lesson :  You must have gratitude for all the good happened to you. Gratitude is something most human beings lack in.  Morals, ethics are so important in life.  And last but not least you should have no reason to be happy  There are hell lot of animals I can name like owl, girrafe, dolphins, Orcas, etc etc the list goes on. Every creature in this world has unique feature or quality. Nature itself is the biggest teacher of our lives. More importantly if an animal has to answer “what do you learn from human beings”!! Animals would probably say

  • Destroying habitats of living creatures
  • Burning forests which are home to many creatures
  • Cutting trees
  • Butchering animals foe their skin
  • Killing animals for their precious teeth

Probably humans are not killing for survival but for pleasure and lavish life. Remember when the wild animals and living creatures extinct we would not exist on this planet. Only dust will remain

Written by Rohith

I born as a student and I'll end my life as a student. The day i stop learning is actually the day i feel dead.

From electrical equipments to wild life creatures my passion keeps me pushing daily to new heights.

I pen my experiences

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