Dear Sony, You took away our Spider-Man too soon

Indeed a very dark morning for every MCU fan. Our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is swinging out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. All thanks to Sony. We all are aware that Sony owns the copyright of Spider-Man. Marvel and Sony collaborated few years ago and made our Spidey a MCU hero. It was yesterday when Sony decided to pull spider man out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, leaving million of fans heartbroken.

We, the fans have barely got over the grief from the death of Tony Stark. Was it really necessary for Sony to give us another wave of shock?

Though we do understand a big financial disagreement has lead to this decision but it seems unfair from a fan’s point of view as Spider-Man was really dear to us. And why would not he be? He was introduced to us by Tony Stark himself. Enough damage were done when we realized that Tony-Peter duo has ended. But still we were hopeful that Spider-Man would continue Tony’s legacy.

In infinity war Tony made Peter Parker an avenger.All of a sudden he is not an avenger anymore? Do you people remember how Tony agreed to rejoin the team in Endgame? He was washing dishes when his eyes fell on the photograph of him and Peter. That moment he decided to work on quantum physics to make the time travel work. So now Sony wants us to believe none of that happen?

Take Spider- Man : Far from Home for example. We have seen Peter missing Tony and taking responsibility that Tony would have taken if he was alive. Removing Peter Parker from MCU would mean splitting Peter and Tony’s iconic pair and destroying the charismatic storyline of Spider-Man that took ages to build.

As per the report,two more Spider-Man solo films are reportedly in the works with star Holland and director Jon Watts attached. But Holland’s Spider-Man is totally immersed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, working alongside characters like Nick Fury , Happy Hogan etc. Another matter of worry for fans as we are not even sure whether we would see Tom Holland as Spider-Man ever again.

We fans are sure that Sony must be having some big plans for Spider-Man in future. But nothing can match up to our Spider-Man who has traveled to space, fought Thanos, saved the town from Mysterio and a shadow of Tony Stark.

Sony took our Spider- Man from us way too soon. We were eagerly waiting to see the what happens next after Spider Man’s true identity is revealed but now it’s all in past.

We are still hoping that Sony and Disney would rethink their decision for the sake of the fans all across Globe otherwise we would miss our newest Avenger Spider-Man a lot.

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