Could Google’s Calico Ever Cure Death?

“Death is as sure for that which is born, as birth is for that which is dead. Therefore grieve not for what is inevitable” was quoted in Bhagavad Gita a religious text of Hinduism. No matter what religious beliefs we have we almost find this quote widely acceptable at least up to the point that Death is as sure for that which is born. If death is all that sure, is there nothing we can do on it? Is death metaphysical?

Every organization/company has vision and mission statements. The statements seem to be very inspiring, funny and sometimes hard to believe but they put all their efforts in their long run to make their mission possible. Look at few such statements below,

From the above said slogans, consider the scenario of Google. When you read the Google’s mission statement today you find it not a bit exaggerated. But your perception would be entirely different if you find the same statement a month or two after Larry Paige and Srry Bring founded Google because You are pretty unsure of the impact that Google gonna create. Likewise you find many companies with their own mission statements with few already achieving most of it and rest are somewhere on their path.

Here comes for you CALICO! Which mean California Life Company. What’s so special about CALICO is it’s Purpose. Unlike other organizations Calico have a peculiar vision. Calico stated mission is ‘to solve death’ and this is something out of your mind right?

Calico is a research and development biotech company founded by Bill Maris in Sept,2013. It is backed by Google with the goal of combating aging. Larry Page (Google founder) described Calico as a company focused on “health, well-being, and longevity”.

Fighting death sounds ridiculous to most of us as I felt the same when I came across this for the first time. But this is not so easy to conclude.

As per the Global constitution i.e. Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by United Nations states that “Right to life” (Article 3) is humanity’s most fundamental Right. Any act of violation of this right is considered to be a crime. Have you ever noticed that Death is one constant that clearly violates this right but still many of us never conclude it as a crime.

Yes. “Death is a crime against humanity, and we ought to wage total war against it.” Says yuval Noah harari a famous author (History Professor) in his book Homo Deus. He also further points out that “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights does not say that humans have the right to life until the age of ninety. It says that every human has a right to life, period. That right isn’t limited by any expiry date.”

Our approaches of death are different, while most of the society is dominated by the people who are into denial or acceptance. Very few prefer to fight it.The same statement was backed by PayPal co- founder Peter Thiel.The developments in the fields of genetic engineering, nanotechnology are bringing up optimistic prophecies. Today Death is no more considered as super sensual but it more like a technical problem. Death occurs probably because of the failure or malfunction of the organs or some times because of the deadly viruses etc. Anyone who dies today is dying because of some kinda technical problem in his body and every problem can have a valid solution. May be we are out of idea for few of the problems identified or few of our solutions might not be affordable but this won’t be the same in the long run. Researchers are already in their white coats and As long as people die of something, we will strive to overcome it. We may soon re-engineer the most fundamental structures and processes of the human body and discover how to regenerate organs and tissues.

So finally if you ask me, will Calico or some other research center make us all immortal? My answer is, I don’t know.

The war against death is flagship project of our generation. If we couldn’t achieve it to become immortal in our time the war against death will still be the flagship project of the coming century. We may fail but every failure will get us closer to the target. It would all result in greater hopes and encourage people to make even greater efforts. To conclude this the same things can be drawn from Yuval Harari’s view

“Googles Calico probably won’t solve death in time to make google co-founders immortal, it would most probably make significant discoveries about cell biology, genetic medicines and human health.The next generation of Googlers could therefore start their attack on death from new and better positions.

Who knows ,may be one day someone who reads the mission statement of Calico feels no exaggeration like we feel for Google now. But when is that day is the question with no answer for now atleast.

What do you think?

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