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HEALTH: Beyond Physical Health

Health is the most important asset of an individual, isn’t it? But any discussion on health signifies only physical health. But human health should be regarded as total –physical, mental, emotional, spiritual health. The total culmination of health in all spheres makes a complete individual. In this extremely vulnerable and fast paced society world we are losing our total health and becoming more and more vulnerable to external stress and strains.

Who are we or who am I is associated with our physical health. We should take care of our physical health the very base of our existence. Our life style has become lethargic. Wherever we see we notice that people are suffering from lifestyle diseases like never before. Some of the common lifestyle diseases are High BP, Diabetes, and Stress etc. These have become so common that everybody is getting affected by it. Can these be prevented? Our physical system has become weak. If we follow some simple things like morning walk, stretching, regular exercise, consuming more organic fruits, vegetables, green vegetables etc. we can reduce the incidence of diseases to a great extent. So, we should take great care of our system. The rate at which we are falling ill is not good for ourselves or our family, society, and country. Because every society needs a healthy individual who can be of substance to himself and to greater mankind.

Mental health is another aspect that we tend to ignore. It should be regarded equally with physical health. STRESS is a very common word now. What is stress by the way? It, in simple words, is taking too much tension. Why tension, we should take our life easy, life is not complicated as we have made it. We should enjoy our life not to get overwhelmed by it. Two things that worry us is our PAST and FUTURE. Past is already gone, Future is yet to arrive yet we keep getting disturbed and stressed out because of these two. So the basic truth is to remain at the present moment because you can only use your present moment that is in your own hands. Take life as it comes.

To conclude make yourselves physically agile, dissolve tension by blissfully aware of your existence. Be Joyful, and contribute towards each other’s lives. If we can do these minimum things on a constant basis we can slowly become best version of ourselves.

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