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A contrivance to check infants’ eyesight vision

Most of the eye defects arise during infancy but get spell out only in adulthood. An advanced device named pediatric perimeter, which helps to measure the field of vision, has been developed by scientists at L.V. Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad.

The pediatric perimeter is able to spell out the reason for flaw of eyesight vision and reaction time of infants between two and 12 months. The innovation was recently published in Translational Vision Science and Technology.

The process to test the eyesight vision of infants by doctors and optometrists is unsophisticated using bright toys from the side of the eye to the centre and see if the infant is attracted.

Pediatric perimeter possesses accurate quantification while testing the field of vision of infants. Besides infants, the device can also be used on patients with special needs where testing using conventional perimeters is not possible.

Scientists explained about how the device works, it consists of a hemispherical dome equipped with LEDs in all directions and a computer application controls the device while it works. The infants is placed inside the dome in a lying down position. An infrared camera mounted on the top of the dome monitors the movement of the infants’ eye and head when LEDs is switched ON. The test takes 6 to 10 minutes. The reaction time measured helps the development delay in eyesight vision. Normally healthy infants react within 380 milliseconds and those with visual defects took 663 milliseconds.

The device is validated using adults with normal vision and those with glaucoma and retinal defects.

“The device is the result of collaborative effort of optometrists, ophthalmologists, engineers and designers from all over the world at Srujana center for Innovation at the institute”

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