5 Best Halloween Activities That Are Wicked Fun

Think of the Halloween activities, our mind may immediately go to trick-or-treating and dressing up in the perfect costume. Isn’t it? However, we’re here to tell you, this year Halloween is so much more than that. Yes, you can bring the Halloween spirit with wickedly fun recipes, crafts, and decorations. there are so many Halloween activities that can get your whole family involved. 

1. Making Ghost Bombs: Apply a little bit of spooky science with these exploding ghost bombs which are incredible for Halloween. The main ingredients are hollowed-out eggs and cornstarch. Other ingredients are white tissue paper, glue stick. Collect the desired amount of emptied shells and rinse them with antibacterial soap and hot water, and then let them dry. Use a marker to draw ghost faces on the eggshells. Then, fill them with corn starch. You can also use baby powder if you do not have corn starch. Once the eggs are filled carefully seal the tops by placing tissue paper over the openings using a glue stick.

2. Read A Spooky Story: Spending Halloween night alone? Or with cousins? Reading a spooky story in a Halloween decorated room can be really scary and give you the utmost feel of Halloween. If you are alone you can read it however you feel like, if you are with your group, you can read the story loudly with proper dramatization taking parts. It would be an amazing experience.

3. Horror Movie Marathon: Horror movies on Halloween night is lit. Decorate your room in a spooky way. Call your friends or family and do a horror movie marathon. You can always go for a series of movies for the movie marathon. Like Insidious chapters, Conjuring, Anabelle, IT, etc. It would give you a chill trough your spine and make your Halloween truly spectacular.


4. Make Straw Skeletons: Whether it’s reading scary stories or watching a horror movie on Halloween, the house decoration matters a lot. Otherwise, it won’t give you the proper feeling of a spooky night. To create a spooky atmosphere you can make straw skeletons and place it in different corners of your room. To make straw skeletons, cut the straws into pieces of several sizes to represent the skeleton’s bones. Take a black paper and form a skeleton with the straw pieces by sticking them to the paper. Add a head “skull” by drawing one in with white chalk. Let it dry.

5. Make A Halloween Scavenger Hunt: Whether you play it outside or in, this scavenger hunt is undoubtedly fun. A scavenger hunt is a super fun addition to any Halloween celebration. Whether you’re hosting a classroom party, a play date with friends, or just looking for a fun activity at home, this is the perfect way to get kids moving, thinking, and having fun. And all the work is done for you – you just have to print, cut, and play!

That’s it for today. I hope you enjoy your Halloween to the fullest. Happy Halloween Folks.

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